The Reviews and Comments We Reject

Our moderation team are experts at spotting fake and offensive reviews and comments and will reject anything which doesn't comply with True Local's review guidelines.

We reject reviews or comments which:

  • Don't appear to be based on a genuine experience.
  • Contain offensive or derogatory material. This includes anything racist, sexist or homophobic.
  • Are based on rumour or second-hand information (for example, an experience your partner or friend had).
  • Are defamatory. This means to falsely or unjustly damage someone's reputation, this includes stating a person's full name, contact details, location or any form of identification. Reviewers must back up any allegations with as much detail and background information as possible for us to consider publishing it.
  • Contain swear words.
  • Contains any personal identifiable information this includes stating a person’s full name or contact details.
  • Are based on rumour or second-hand information (for example, an experience your partner or friend had).
  • Are written by a business owner on a competitor's business listing.
  • Don't mention specific experiences with the business.
  • Are written in a language other than English or which don't make sense.
  • May be in contempt of court. This includes reviews and comments containing references to legal cases currently before court.
  • Contain claims of food poisoning, medical malpractice or illegal activity. We encourage reviewers who have experienced these issues to contact the relevant authorities.
  • Contain repeated information (for example a direct copy and paste from another review).

When a review or comment is rejected at initial submission, we send the reviewer an email. True Local regularly evaluates the integrity of published reviews and comments. As such, published reviews and comment that don't meet our Review Guidelines may be removed at a later time without notice and in this case, we do not send the reviewer an email. True Local's decision is final and we won't enter into any further correspondence about the matter.

We don't accept reviews by business owners, their staff, or ex-staff, on their own business listings. This includes business owners writing testimonials on behalf of customers and staff or ex-staff writing disgruntled criticisms of the business. True Local users often consider these reviews unhelpful or fake.

However, we do encourage business owners to submit comments in response to customer reviews about their business.


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