What are the business listing rules?

The following are the rules we uphold with listing a business on True Local.

  • The business name should be just that, your registered name, sole trader name or domain name. It needs to be in title case (which in most instances means each word starts with a capital and the rest of the word is lowercase) for easy readability and can’t include extra descriptions.
  • A business can only have one Priority, Basic or Free listing per business. You can only purchase a Priority or Basic listing under another physical location if you have an office, franchise or place of operation in that location. Proof will be required.
  • Each listing requires a business name, physical address (no PO Boxes) and phone number. An email address is advisable if you have one. If you’re an online business we’ll need your head office address. If you don’t want to display your address it can be suppressed.
  • If you want to market beyond your physical address you can purchase a premium advertising package.
  • Mobile businesses can’t purchase a listing for each location you cover. Top of List, Tile and Strip advertisements are the best fit for your business.


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