Inappropriate Reviews and Comments

If any TrueLocal user sees a review or comment they think is inappropriate or unfair they can click the "Report" button which appears on every review.

If a premoderated review is reported, it will be removed immediately, until it is moderated. If the moderators decide it meets all of TrueLocal's review guidelines, they'll display it again on the website.

However, True local won't immediately remove reported reviews or comments that have already been moderated. In this case, the review will be reassessed, and if the moderation team agree the review or comment is inappropriate, they'll remove it. If they decide it meets all of TrueLocal's review guidelines they'll leave it on the website.

The moderation team's decision is final and once a decision is made no further correspondence will be entered into.

True Local will not accept phone calls or emails about inappropriate reviews. All inappropriate reviews must be reported via the website.


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