How do I update my business location on the map?

To update your business location the map, log into your account and go to the Business Centre. Then go to the “Locations” tab, and start by updating your address if required.

To update the pointer on the map according to your address, hover your mouse on the top right corner of the map and click the refresh button. The pointer location is determined by Google map data. If you find that the pointer is not at the right place, you are able to drag and drop the pointer to the desired spot on the map.

If the map is not refreshing, this is most likely because Google can't find your address. Check that your address is entered correctly in the appropriate fields.

If you have entered a building name, remove it, save, refresh the map and then insert the building name and save again, without refreshing the map.

If the problem persists after that, remove the Level/Unit information save, refresh the map and then insert the Level/Unit and save again, without refreshing the map

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